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I'm glad another year of tax filing is out of the way!

Now on to debt pay down planning - one of my new years resolutions this year! :-)

Currently sitting at $11,266.06

Taking it down to 0 by 2010 in time for a move to Portland... Hmmmm. Realistic? I pray so!

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Well I've been thinking a lot and I'm going to be deleting my journal soon! I have a good ole fashion paper one that I never use. Come to think of it I don't post much on here either. LOL - I'll be around, just not here :-)

I'm going to miss everyone!

If you have email addresses - SEND EM to ME so we can keep in touch! :-D

That includes you Red, Yours I know I have somewhere.... Just gotta find it ;)

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I can't believe he's coming here to Phoenix! I am soooo excited! :-)

He'll be at the Scottsdale Borders at 7p - which of course means I'll be there by like 2p or 3p! :-D

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So I really really wanted to go to the Darren concert June 22nd at the Roxy in LA... Really. But my boss said no, so of course I did what any self-respecting professional adult would do...

I cried at home.
Sulked at work.
Cried at home.

When my boss asked the reason for my bad attitude, I'd been floored! She new it was the D concert I'd been dying to go to that she said no to. Apparently she didn't remember. So June 24th we get into a "fight" where she basically calls me inmature and that I act like all the other "kids" at work, sulking when I don't get something. Then yelled at me to "GO AHEAD AND GO"...

*sigh* Feeling like the worst little worm on the EARTH I went! I may like my job and not want to lose it, which I pretty much thought I had by now... I COULDN"T miss Darren Hayes! Especially when not sick with food poisoning!

So I went! My roomie dreaming_echoes and I got up super early in the morning on Friday the 22nd and drove to LA... 6 hours later, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and then on to the Roxy! 7ish hours outside waiting, since it was general admission scored me a standing place up against the stage!!!

Julien was the first act to go on. Thought his voice was totally gorgeous, but stage presence was null. Still he got an A and a clap from me for effort!

Temposhark were the next on. TOTALLY FREAKING BRILL!!! I loved their live performance! Rob (lead singer) even got on his knees in front of my roomie to sing a part! Hella fun!!! They got an A, a clap, & a CHEER!!!

So then comes... Darren! Dressed in all white and amazing as always, but this time I wasn't sitting inches from him throwing my guts up from poisoning so I had FUNNNNN!

It was the best concert ever and I look forward to plenty more of his amazing performances! We were so loud! I lost my voice for the most part and could barely hear when we left, but heh isn't that part of the EXPERIENCE!

On one condition did my boss let me go though... I had to be at work on the 23rd - yup, the next FREAKING day, on time at 730am! The valet pulled my car around first and we literally jumped right back on the free way.

Sometime outside LA major I pulled over and let my roomie have the steering wheel so I could try to grab a few ZZZZs before walking into the office. So 23hours without sleep and counting I got to work. I was a mess! But somehow I got through the day.

*sigh* Pure bliss. Darren Hayes. Rocks like no one else can!!!
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So I got already to go to work today only to discover my black 30G ipod - named Sesshy was missing... I searched the car and called the two stores I went to yesterday... My roomie and I have looked over the house a dozen times. Nada. My ipod has vanished...

We didn't hear it hitting the ground so it really couldn't have fallen out of my purse, at least we don't think so. I doubt somebody could reach in and take it without me noticing, though my purse doesn't have any closing mechanism on top, I still keep it close to me at all times.

I am bewildered, but for some strange reason not upset. I was shocked when I didn't feel the anger rising. I feel... nothing. More like a giant question mark in my head of "where did it go?"

Strange indeed for I am usually a hot head and losing my ipod, which I DO NOT drive without ever which contained over 5000 songs, 6 movies/music videos, & 2 photo albums - should be pushing me over the edge... Weird indeed.

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